Odette Farrell Art Portfolio

London based visual artist showcasing oil paintings, watercolours, and sculptures. Connecting with nature, human figure, and abstraction. Engage with visitors and share my story.

Art Showcase

Explore my latest art work inspired by nature, human emotions, and abstraction. (Coming soon)

Engage with visitors through my art. (Coming soon)

Exhibitions & Prizes

Art Residencies and Exhibitions


2019 UK - Shortlisted as one of three finalists for Hackney WickED Art Prize

2019 UK - AWARD for my piece “OTHERS” at Camaradas Exhibition

2011 UK - Shortlisted at Woodberry Down Public Artwork Competition for my wire installation “RIVER”, London

2008 IRELAND - Art Residence in Cill Rialaig, Co. Kerry

2008 SPAIN - Fellowship III Milenio by Karrvaz Foundation: Art residence in Albacete

2006 MEXICO - AWARD for my painting “The Road” at National Watercolour Competition

2005 CHINA - Honourable Mention at “BIRD 2005 INTERNATIONAL ART AWARD, Beijing

2005 MEXICO - AWARD for my painting “Nadihelli” at National Watercolour Competition

Selected Solo Exhibitions

27.07.2019 London, UK “Open Studio” Hackney WickED Open Studios 10

11.02.2016 London, UK “Migrations” Manor House Development Trust

26.01.2015 London, UK “Abstracts” Butterfield Bank

21.05.2009 Dublin, IRELAND “Human Landscapes” Urban Retreat Gallery

06.03.2009 Kilkenny, IRELAND “9 Nudes” Blackbird Gallery

17.04.2008 Mexico City, MEX “Paisajes Humanos” Fundación Sebastián

01.07.2007 San Miguel Allende, MEX “Nuda” Atenea Gallery

27.04.2006 Mexico City, MEX “Urbano y Femenino” Casa Cultura de Tabasco

29.09.2003 Berlin, GERMANY “Verführungen” European Academy Berlin

03.04.2003 Mexico City, MEX “Reflejos” Gmo Kahlo Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions

04.05.2024 London, UK Memories Alice in Hackneyland, Shoreditch

18.05.2023 London, UK Betwixt and Between Barclays Headquarters

15.01.2022 Somerset, UK “Slow Time” Black Swan Arts

28.07.2021 London,UK “Camaradas” Koppel Exchange, Piccadilly

17.05.2021 Milford Haven, Wales “Wales Contemporary” Waterfront Gallery

12.11.2020 Milford Haven, Wales “Wales Contemporary” Waterfront Gallery

26.07.2019 London, UK ‘Who Are We” HWED Group Show 2019

12.03.2019 London, UK, “Camaradas” Menier Gallery

06.12.2018 London, UK “The London Ultra” Oxo Tower

11.04.2018 London, UK ‘Diverse Figures” Burgh House & Hampstead Museum

16.11.2017 London, UK “Left Overs” Procreate Project

30.07.2016 London, UK “She” Sweet Art

23.05.2016 London, UK “Spring 16” Fitzrovia Gallery

21.05.2014 London, UK “Artcore14 Int” Hotel Elephant

06.06.2014 Sardinia, ITALY “Settimana dell’Arte” Galeria Arte San Lorenzo

04.07.2013 London, UK “The art of curiosity” Curious Duke Gallery

09.05.2013 London, UK “Works on Paper” La Galeria, Bethnal Green

22.11.2012 London, UK “Then and Now” Royal Opera Arcade Galley

05.06.2012 London, UK “Art in Flux” Curious Duke Gallery

24.11.2011 London, UK “FP&S Winter Show” La Galleria, Pall Mall

13.05.2011 Bristol, UK “Bristol Affordable Art Fair” Bowlish Art Gallery

10.03.2011 London, UK “London Affordable Art Fair” Bowlish Art Gallery

21.07.2010 London, UK “Real Broadgate” GoFigurative

20.07.2010 London, UK “Summer Miscellany” Highgate Contemporary Gallery

20.07.2010 London, UK “Hesketh Hubbard” The Mall Galleries

18.03.2010 London, UK “Real Heatherley’s” Go Figurative

11.01.2010 London, UK “Winter Exhibition” Cadogan Contemporary Gallery

25.11.2009 Castlecomer, IRELAND Auction Mealy’s Auctioneers

07.08.2009 Kilkenny, IRELAND “Kilkenny Arts Festival” Blackbird Gallery

06.12.2008 Alcala del Jucar, SPAIN “Pretextos” Alcala del Jucar Castle Gallery

10.08.2007 Kilkenny, IRELAND “Kilkenny Arts Festival” Blackbird Gallery

02.06.2007 Mexico City, MEX “Nuevas Visiones“ Museo Dolores Olmedo

28.04.2007 Beijing, CHINA “Cèad in China” Gallery of China C. Academy of Fine Art

30.07.2006 Mexico City, MEX “Watercolour Competition” National Watercolour Museum

01.06.2006 Mexico City, MEX Art Auction “Casa Lamm”

28.04.2006 Clonmel, IRELAND “Drawings & Etchings” The Narrow Space Gallery

23.10.2005 Kilkenny, IRELAND Auction Loughlin Bowe Fine Art Auctioneer

17.10.2005 Beijing, CHINA BIRD 2005 Art Award Xingtai Xinshiji House

03.09.2005 Hangzhou, CHINA “6 x 6 For Ireland” 411 Galleries

24.07.2005 Mexico City, MEX “Watercolour Competition” National Watercolour Museum

15.04.2005 Clonmel, IRELAND “The nude” The Narrow Space Gallery

28.02.2005 Kilkenny, IRELAND Auction Loughlin Bowe Fine Art Auctioneer

16.12.2004 Rome,ITALY “Natale al Chiostro” Basílica dei S.S Apostoli

25.07.2004 Mexico City, MEX “Reconstrucción” Casa Talavera Museum

13.12.2003 Rome, ITALY “Caos” Arte In Gallery

13.09.2003 Rome, ITALY “Figure” Arte In Gallery

22.05.2003 Mexico City, MEX “Piedra sobre Piedra” Alfredo Ramos Gallery

Latest Commission

London Based


I was commissioned a painting to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The artwork will be hung at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights in the University of Oxford.
The artwork will appear on the front cover and inside of their 'Annual Hightlights" digital brochure along with my artist bio.